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The Yogi

Om Namo Naaraayanaaya.

When you start experiencing the entire Universe inside you and you have pervaded the entire Universe, then you would be experiencing and witnessing all the happenings much before they happen in the World or in the Cosmic. Such yogi can have a direct interaction and control on the Mother Nature. The Mother Nature responds and unveils the secrets of the Universe to the Yogi as and when it is required and directs him to act accordingly by giving the required powers to perform such act.

Brihatmann - The way for realization.


On Namo Naaraayanaaya

"Karmanye Vaadhikarasthe Maa Phaleshu Kadaachana" - meaning we have to eat the fruit of our action without any exceptions and excuses. And this is the law of Nature.

So, if you are indulging yourself in any act directly or indirectly, willingly or unwillingly, thoughtfully or not thoughtfully and by motivation or without motivation and by external influence, please remember you are the Doer, so you are responsible for the fruit of action without any exceptions.
Please remember your earnings, actions, thoughts etc which you do has a direct impact on yourself, family, friends, society and the environment. Because, your thoughts or actions will leave an impression in the atomic space where you dwell and the same will have the impact on the people, objects, animals, plants, insects, stones, soil, the environment and Mother Nature.

So,mind your food, people, thoughts, work and actions.

Please remember that the physical dirt or garbage or dust can be removed or cleansed and by which we can clean the place or surroundings or the environment. But the dirt or garbage accumulated within us is not so easily cleansed. So it will be carried forward for many more Janna's or births unless they are cleansed. So , this inner cleansing is possible if we understand our innerself which otherwise.......

Brihatmann - the way for realization.

Yathra - The Inner Journey

Om Namo Naaraayanaaya,

We have been in search of GOD, Peace, Happiness etc by visiting the temples, places etc. This physical journey can expose us to the different physical environments and has limited and temporary influence on our mind and heart. So long as we are there in that physical environment we would be influenced by the those energies or thoughts prevailing over that environment.

So, if our inner environment is not congenious or sensitive to perceive, experience and receive the energy, then our journey would be of futile one. Many a times it endangers us if the place is haunted by negative energy.

Hence, rather going for physical journey, we should persue the inner YATHRA where we get connected with the DIVINE / GOD who is residing in our deep core of our Heart / existence. Such journey can last long and binds us with the DIVINE permanently. Remember we are the Temple where we can experience the presence and the magnanimity of the Supreme Being within us.

So choice is yours.

Brihatmann - The way for realization

Voice of heart

Om Namo Naaraayanaaya
Please remember that our HEART is the seat of
Life force
All answers to our questions
Solution to our problems
So it reminds and demands us to give attention to our heart and it's rhythm.
Hence we need to attune ourselves to the voice our heart.

Brihatmann - The way for realization.


Om Namo Naaraayanaaya

When you stuck with and do not know how to face the situation or handle or deal with, wherever you be, close your eyes if possible and submit your prayers sincerely to your innerself. Your sincere prayers are definitely been heard by your inner self and surprisingly you would be getting the guidance from within.

Remember prayers can move mountains.

Brihatmann - The way for realization.



On Namo Naaraayanaaya.

Guru is a scanner. He is capable of deep diving in to your heart and know everything about you. Certain times he does not let the deciple or the person know about it. He puts the deciple or the person in to litmus test. He does all his efforts through his yogic power and communication to modify and mould the deciple or person. If he finds that the deciple or the person is not eligible yet for moulding or change, then he does allow them to be in the churning wheel of repetitive birth and death cycle but he submits his prayers for the betterment of the soul.

The deciple or the person who visits Guru thinks that the Guru is incapable of knowing his muck inside and feels very happy that I have deceived him. But......

Brihatmann - The way for realization.

Learn to be Yourself

Om Namo Naarayanaaya.

When we try to pretend to be somone else by putting the mask, please remember that we are in the process of damaging ourselves and the sorroundings.
This mask will wither one day or be removed by someone or GOD and then your face look ugly and even yourself does not like to look at it.
So learn to be yourself. When you start learning to be yourself, no one need to remove your mask, no need to hide the face, no need to feel guilty because you have already removed the mask by yourself and remain yourself a glorious and illuminating being which gets attention of others without conscious efforts.
Be a illuminating soul.

Brihatmann - The way for realization.


Om Namo Naarayanaaya.

We have been told and advised by learned people, realized people and great Epics that, HAVE YOUR GOAL IN FRONT OF YOU AND GURU IN THE BACK OF YOU. Most of us wonder why the Guru need to be there in the back of us because we can not see our back where we have accumulated all our mistakes, impressions, samskaras, prarabda karmaas, etc and made our back and journey heavy and hence we need a person called Guru who is having the ability to show our mistakes and correct us so that our journey will be eased out.
‌That is why our ancestors have given an excellent remedy to bow in front of a realized Guru where he can see our Karmaasa accumulated on our back and remove them with his divine touch.

Brihatmann - The way for realization.

The Embodiment of GOD

Om Namo Naarayanaaya.

‌Many a times people chose wrong path and people in their life and start blaming when things go wrong. We end up in this situation when we do not use our discretion on what is right or wrong or blindly believing. This is mainly because we are in search of getting the love , respect, encouragement, compassion, appreciation etc from others. The moment you find a person who appreciates, show compassion, speak kind words about you. Then immediately you start believing them and start attracting towards them and suffer. During that time even advices or reminders will not look beautiful as you have already engrossed the selfish person and followed his foot steps for some distance. This stigma continues till you realize that you are the embodiment of GOD. The moment you realize this you will start loving your self, respecting your self, adoring your self and cascading the same to others.

‌To achieve this you need to spend some time exclusively for yourself by being alone and understanding your self and inner self.

‌Brihatmann - The way for realization.