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Learn to be yourself

Om Namo Naarayanaaya.

When we try to pretend to be somone else by putting the mask, please remember that we are in the process of damaging ourselves and the sorroundings including our families.

This mask will wither one day or be removed by someone or by the GOD and then your face look ugly and even yourself do not like to look at it.

Please remember that you can never become anybody else except yourself.

The GOD or the Supreme Bring has uniquely created you and sent you on to this Mother Earth to carry out His designated work. But we indulge ourselves in all the futile and mortal activities except the designated work by following the footprints of others.

During this course of action, we expose ourselves to the extreme pressure, stress, frustration, depression etc and suffer because we try to retain the social status, fame and get the respect and attention of others. Please remember that all these social masks have been created by ourselves and not by GOD.

So learn to be yourself. When you start learning to be yourself, no need to pretend, no one need to remove your mask, no need to hide the face, no need to feel guilty because you have already removed the mask by yourself by understanding your true Being and remained yourself a glorious and illuminating true Being which develops the Magnetic field within and around you by which the whole World gets attracted to you without any conscious efforts.

Then the Life is filled with Joy, Contentment, Happinesses, Abundance and an Unconditional love.

So remain yourself as a glorious illuminating true Being.

Brihatmann - The way for realization.

Annamya Kosha

Om Namo Naarayanaaya

We are made up of 5 sheaths and they are

‌Annamaya kosha - The food sheath.
‌Praanamaya kosha - The air sheath.
‌Manomaya kosha - The mind sheath.
‌Vignaanamaya kosha - The conscious and higher conscious sheath or state.
‌Aanandamaya kosha - Blissful sheath or state.
‌Then the true Indestructible,Infinite, Illuminating, Absolute Being exists which is smaller than smallest and bigger than biggest both in the visible and invisible Universe

‌Annamaya Kosha - which is nurtured by Food - Earth and Water elements. This includes carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, water etc.The Upanishads and Vedas say that "Annam brahmeti vyajanat". It implies that the food is BRAHMA. Because the food is nothing but the storage of cosmic vital energy in a grosser level to build, nourish and sustain this grosser physical body. The food has three categories based on the level of purification and energy stored in it. They are Satvic (sutlest), Rajasic (sutler) and Tamasic (grosser). These decides the quality of our physical body, the nature of work, the quality of thoughts, etc. It also attributes to the type of physical body as Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. These Doshas decides the type of disease, mental status of a being etc. Let's understand what the food is made up of. The food is made up of atoms. The atoms are nothing but the store house of plain and simple cosmic programmed energy to perform certain activity and manifest the objects physically based on the program stored in it.. In order to manifest, the Atoms require the external force. The external force is either in the form of s specific frequency of sound or the vibrations of the thought which is directed by the will power of the cosmic existence. It is also be noted that the atoms can be programmed by our thought to express and manifest the required qualities and results the way we want it. Based on the power of our thought, the atoms store and manifest those qualities for generations and this is being called as genetic engineering.So, it is been told and advised by our ancestors and great epics that before consuming the food, first we need to purify it with the will power and consume it with good thoughts or Divine thoughts so that the food is energised with the thoughts induced and accordingly the manifestation and expression of the physical and mental bodies take place. So, it implies that "Annam Brahmeti Vyajanath" and as well "Anna Gathaha Praanaha" So, let's get in to an another dimension of food now. Although this new dimension of thought is little difficult to perceive and understand that every grain or seed is nothing but a Soul hidden in it. Hence the type of grain or seed that we consume decides the quality of personality in the physical body as well.

‌Pranamaya Kosha which is nurtured by the Vital life force - Air element.

‌Manomaya Kosha which is nurtured by Mana (consciousness - Akasha tatwa)

‌Vignanamaya Kosha which is nurtured by higher consciousness - this Kosha helps to understand and travel beyond matter and atom level. This knowledge helps the Soul to manifest in any form and in any place.

‌Aanandamaya Kosha which is nothing but the blissful state which is the original state of the Soul or Atmaan. The Atman or Soul has to travel beyond this state to experience it's true existence.

Vedas Say that -----
Annam brahmeti vyajanat
Pranam brahmeti vyajanat
Jnanam brahmeti vyajanat
Vignanam brahmeti vyajanat
Anandam brahmeti vyajanat

Brihatmann - The way for Realization

The influence of the inner Universe

Om Namo Naaraayanaaya

The entire Universe is made up of ATOMS.
Each ATOM is filled with Space, Life force and Divine energy and is capable of storing and transferring or transmitting the Thoughts, Knowledge, Traits, Information and Energy.Every Thought, Action and Results are stored in the Atom. Hence Atom is nothing but Knowledge, Information, Energy and Life force.

Everything in this Universe be it a Living or Non living and Visible or Invisible are made up of Atoms. Every Atom is capable of manifesting the Things or Objects based on the information stored in it. In order to manifest, each Atom requires a command or force. So with this we can conclude that each Atom is a miniature of the Universe. Then it should resonates to "Anu Renu Truna Kasta Paripoorna Govinda"

When the entire Universe is made up of Atoms then we must also have been made up of Atoms and also represent as a miniature of the Universe.

As we are made up of Atoms, the Traits which are stored in those Atoms would manifest those Traits in us.

So Atoms decides the Physical form, Properties, Character, Behaviour, Attitude, Intelligence, Mental status, Diseases, Life span and Qualities of Beings and Objects which exist in this Universe.

There could be a question in the minds of the people that the Traits are recorded in the Genes?. Yes they are right. But how many of us know that the genes are made up of Atoms because the Genes have Mass and Volume.

So we learnt that each Atom is a Vacuum, Storage, Magnifier, Transmitter, Energy and Traits system. Whatever we fill in it must materialize physically based on the power and direction of our Thoughts or Sound frequency or Vibrations.

So our Thoughts, the Sound we produce, the People with whom we interact, the Place where we dwell, the Environment where we live decides and attracts those Dominating thoughts, Qualities and Characters filled in that Atomic space and has a great influence on Our life accordingly.

So our Thoughts directs our Actions and Actions decides the Results of our actions. Then we are bound to enjoy the Fruit of our action. This resonates to "Karmanye Vaadhikarasthe Maa Phaleshu Kadaachana"

It is needless to say that Every organ, Every cell and Every gene of us is made up of Atoms and they manifest and behave as per the information stored and programmed in those Atoms.

Also it should be noted that the Food we eat, the Water we drink and bathe, the Air we breath, the Light we exposed to, the Fire, the Space and Earth are all made up of Atoms but are programmed to behave accordingly and are loaded with the Life force or Energy by the GOD or Supreme being. These elements play a very important role in our Creation, Sustance and Well being of us and Universe.

Now it implies that the current state of our Being is the result of the energy which we had induced and activated in the Atoms in our inner Universe or Cosmic by our Thoughts, Words, Actions, Intentions, Greed, Hatredness, Jealous, Anger, Frustrations, Fear, our Belief, the Religion, the Custom, the Environment, the Culture, etc. The current state of Being includes our Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social, Financial status, the Religion we are in to, the country where we have born, the cast and creed we are belonging in to, the profession we are into, the parents whom we have chosen, etc.

The future of our Being would depend on how much we have cleansed, reduced or erased the past burden which we carried on our back and on what kind of Thoughts, Actions which we embark in this Life.

Then obviously a question arises that how can we Clean, Erase or Modify the information stored in the atoms.The only way, is to understand the inner Universe and how this Innerworld is programmed by and what kind of factors influencing the life of this Innerworld.

Then how can we understand the inner Universe and the factors influencing the life of this Universe and the Methodology or the Technique to modify the contents loaded in the Atoms.

The only way is to deep dive in to our inner Universe.

Then how can we deep dive in to our inner Universe.

The way is very simple. Close the eyes and look in to the Inner world in a very relaxed way and become a witnessing entity. During the process of witnessing we would be in the non judgemental state and never react or respond to the happenings in the Inner world. When we become non judgemental, not reacting and not responding, automatically the negative energies stored in the electrons in the atoms starts losing it's power and momentum.

This process of deep diving in to our atomic inner universe with non judgemental state of mind is nothing but MEDITATION.

During this course of action with or without our knowledge we would get connected with the Supreme being who dwells in our deep core of our existence and start getting guidance and support from Him.This establishes the permanent connection with Him for eternal.

The moment we establish the Divine connection, our Inner world gets purified and our Conscious starts expanding and pervades the entire inner Universe. This process brings about a holistic changes in our every aspect of Life and a new dimension of life starts it's journey which is eternal and blissful in all dimensions of the Soul's existence.

Brihatmann - the way for Realization

Meditate to become GODLY

Om Namo Naaraayanaaya

There is a misconception widely spread across on Meditation is that if we Meditate, all our self created materialistic problems including health, poverty and relationship issues will be solved.

Beyond that people started Meditation to become more effective managers.

Many management programs have been brought in to prepare and on how to combat the stress and become efficient leaders in this materialistic world in the name of Spirituality.

These types of programs are required to those who do not trust their inner self and has insecurity feeling. The insecurity creates Stress and fear. This insecurity is the product of our Greed, False mask and False prestige.

Whereas every animal, bird, insect etc lead its life so naturally and effortlessly because they are aligned with their inner Mother Nature in all the planes. Hence they are guided and taken care by Mother Nature in all aspects of Life with ease.

To make it very clear that Meditation does not solve our created problems of Life but helps to know ourselves and establishes a permanent contact with the Inner self (GOD) / Mother Nature

The moment we know and establish the true connection with our inner self, our falsehood will fadeaway, ego will vanish, our requirements are rightly channelised, we will become independent, self contained, loving, caring and respecting beings naturally and with ease.

Interestingly, the Meditation creates the dependency on our inner self in our inner journey which is nothing but an eternal journey.

In this eternal journey we need guidance and support in every second and every moment by our inner self (GOD). This guidance will open a new space and dimension and our concious now pervades and permiates every atom of the entire Universe and one will become GODLY.

Becoming GOD like is the ultimate goal of Human life. Because we are nothing but the replica of GOD by the GOD.

So Meditation is the instrument to become GODLY.

Brihatmann - the way for Realization

Miniature of the Universe

Om Namo Naaraayanaaya

Everybeing is the miniature of the Universe.Anything happens in the Universe really happens in everybeing.

Only those who have experienced the presence of the Universe within their deep core of existence can experience the happenings happening in the Universe.

This can be made possible only through deep dive in to your existence called MEDITATION.

Meditate Meditate Meditate

Brihatmann - The way for Realization...


Om Namo Naaraayanaaya

God is residing in the deep core of our existence in the form DIVINE LIGHT. The DIVINE LIGHT represents the Life force, Pure knowledge and Pure conscience which dispels the darkness and Ignorance of all facets of Life. When we realize the presence and experience the DIVINE LIGHT within us, we are guided and helped to reach our true essence of Life which is nothing but the Self realization (God Realization).When we realize our inner Self, our Life is filled with an Unconditional love, Respect for Self and others. When this is achieved, naturally Universal brotherhood, Peace, Happiness and Harmony are established. Besides, the ABUNDANCE is created with ease.
So, let the Inner DIVINE LIGHT glorify us from within in this Deepavali - the festival of Lights in the true meaning.

Brihatmann - The way for realization.

Divine Healing

Unconditional Love

Om Namo Naaraayanaaya.

An unconditional love does not demand anything from anybody but it does accept the person or being as it is and serves without any expectations. It does not try to please or entice or play to retain the person or being within his or her folds because it is emerged out of self realization. When we realize our inner self, all our ignorance will vanish and we are filled with pure knowledge and an unconditional love.

Please remember if anybody is trying to please the person or being, be sure that he or she is fearing of losing.
When we are fearing means -
We are selfish.
We are Insecured.
We do not love our self.
We are badly in need of something externally.
We are possessive.
We are not simple but showy.
We are the cheaters.
We always walk with Masks.
We are the blamers.
We go behind powers.
We are filled with jealous, hatredness etc
We become inhuman.
We become restless.

Hence it is high time to realize our inner self to lead a very harmonious life.

Brihatmann - The way for realization.

Spiritual Mask

Om Namo Naaraayanaaya

Many a times some people show circumstantial and situational Vairaagya or spiritual inclination. The moment their intended work or job is done then they start showing their original face and all those idealogies and spiritual mask are thrown in to the dustbins or garbage yards. Because those fake idealogies and the mask were or are required to fool around the people or society to get the compassion, help and support till their work is or was accomplished.

During this course of pretending, they would have cheated and hurt many hearts and for which they do not know that they have to pay heavy penalty in their life. Because all their thoughts, words and actions have been and are being witnessed by the Innerself. They do not know that no one can cheat the Innerself.

One fine day when the Innerself withdraws all the energies and mental ability, no one can save us.

Brihatmann - The way for realization

Essence of Introspection

Om Namo Naaraayanaaya

I was introspecting on how the connection and the bondage with the Supreme Being is or can be established and how the Supreme Being has become the integral part of our existence not only in this physical manifestation but also after leaving this physical existence. So it implies and signifies that he would never refrain us or leave us but remains within us as the Inner self forever and by which we continue to exist in different forms, planes and dimensions. Although the Supreme Being dwells within us, unfortunately we do not atleast try or attempt to connect and converse with him within ourselves silently.

My dear brothers and sisters, the moment you realize your Inner self - The Supreme Being, then you would not only establish your contact with Him but also with the every being of His existance because he dwells and manifests in every form including the Galaxy and Universe.

This realization will bring about a holistic change within ourselves in the form of Loving ourselves, Respecting ourselves, Treating and serving ourselves and much beyond that we will start cascading the same thing to the every being of this Universe unconditionally as everything is the magnificent expression of the Supreme Being.

With this change, we experience the meaning of "Vasudaiva Kutumbakam" in reality and start experiencing the inner Peace, Harmony and the Universal brotherhood.

May we all be blessed by the Supreme Being to have this connection and contact established with Him and His expressions in different forms.

Brihatmann - The way for realization.