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Jagadeesha Hulikal

Founder and President

Jagadeesha Hulikal is the founder and the president of Brihatmann trust which is established to inculcate, spread, cascade and reinforce the significance and importance of human values and self realisation (GOD realization) through Spirituality, Vedic science, Education, Social service etc.

He was born in Hagaribommanahalli, a small village belonging to Hospet in Bellary District and graduated from the Mysore University.

Right from the childhood he has been inclined to spirituality as his parents are very pious and GOD loving.

He practiced Raja yoga and Advaita Siddhanta. He has inherited his Ancestral astrological knowledge and has acquired the mastery on astrology and medical astrology with the grace of the Supreme Being Lord Sri Lakshmi Venkateswara Swamy (Narayana).

He has been gifted by the Supreme Being to scan any place, objects, person, etc., and he tells very precisely about what kind of energy does exist in that place, object, person etc.

Numerous people have come to him and got benefited by his profound knowledge in these fields.

He also teaches meditation which helps the mankind to get connected with their inner self called GOD and promotes harmony and universal brotherhood.

Shri Jagadeesh is also promoting the protection and the conservation of Goumatha and hence he is determined to have the goushalas as well.

His selfless service has been widely recognised and appreciated by all.

Those who would like to contact him may do so ideally on Saturdays and Sundays after 10am.

In case of emergency you may contact him on week days after 9pm.

Mobile No: 99860 25915
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